The future of solar energy industry looks promising

Solar Energy Industry – The next growing industry in Singapore ?


The government of industry offers an excellent assistance to the Research & Development activities that take place in the country. As a result, a variety of industries bloomed during the past couple of years. Solar energy industry holds a prominent place out of them.


Solar Panels
Solar Panels

In general, the solar energy industry in Asia has gone through a variety of developments throughout the past couple of years. Getting into partnerships with some of the leading brand names such as Apollo tires and Coca-Cola are perfect examples to prove the above mentioned fact.


The solar energy firm has a total of 35 employees working as of now. It started from the bottom with just 3 employees and certainly has come a long way. As per Alan Khor, who is the head of engineering, the company has got many other opportunities to develop. They have already made required plans in order to kick off with a peak output of 100 megawatt by acquiring required assets by the end of the year. At the moment, they have assets that can produce 70 megawatt peak and it would be a huge improvement.


The fast growing economy that can be found in Asia has provided an excellent support towards the development of the solar energy sector within Singapore. On the other hand, the demand for electricity is growing as well and solar energy is the best option available to cater the demand. Singapore is a country that focuses to move forward with cleaner energy sources. As a result, they would not be able to think of any other option apart from solar energy. The government is also engaged with the process of promoting solar energy for residential as well as commercial purposes.


Solar energy industry has gone through ups and downs throughout the past. For example, the reduction of oil prices and overcapacity in gas has hindered the rapid growth of the solar energy industry. However, more people are aware about the benefits that they will be able to experience out of solar energy. As a result, they have started using solar power for their operations without keeping any doubts in mind.


In order to support the development of the industry, a large number of companies have also come to the market. Cleantech is a perfect example for such a company. It has already become one of the largest solar rooftop developers to be found in Asia.


Asia is equipped with a large number of faster growing economies. These economies have increased the demand for electricity. On the other hand, the manufacturing infrastructure related to solar energy has been developed in order to deliver enhanced results to the consumers. In addition, solar power is available in plenty within a country like Singapore and they can think about taking the maximum advantage out of it. Because of all these reasons, the future of solar energy industry looks promising and people in Singapore will be able to get the best out of clean energy sources.



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