Defining the Core Central Region, Rest of Central Region and Outside Central Regions

For a small island, Singapore has a rather confusing number of definitions when it comes to dividing up its land. There are the town names, the districts, the planning regions all which cover the same areas, many overlapping, and choosing the correct one very much depends on the situation or the context in which you are talking. One set of definitions that perhaps causes the most confusion, is the core, the rest of central and the outside central regions. They may sound like an additional layer of complexity to the Singapore map, but they make a difference on many things – rental and property prices for one, and are in fact fairly straight forward once you know exactly what they are.

A map of Map of market segments in Singapore
A map of Map of the market segments in Singapore (Source: URA)


The Core Central Region (CCR)

This area, often described as the heart of Singapore, consists of three districts – 9, 10 and 11, plus the Downtown Core Planning Area and Sentosa. Looked at another way, the areas that come within this boundary are:

The Downtown Core
Bukit Timah
Marina East
Marina South
River Valley
Singapore River
Straits View

New Launches such as Sophia Hills,Martin Modern , New Futura are found in the CCR.

Looking at the Downtown Core in a little more detail, the term has tended to have been replaced in everyday use by the ubiquitous Central Business District (CBD), but in reality, the CBD is just a small area within the Downtown Core, which is actually made up of seven subzones, namely Clifford Pier, Maxwell, Phillip, Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar, Anson and Cecil.


The Rest of Central Region (RCR)

This rather unimaginatively named region, also occasionally known as the non core central region, consists of all of the areas that sit within the central region, excluding those that are classified as being in the CCR (as detailed above).

These eight areas are:

Marine Parade
Toa Payoh
Bukit Merah

The southern islands (with the exception of Sentosa) are also in this region.
Freehold condo, Kallang Riverside and leasehold developments such as Sims Urban Oasis and upcoming Margaret Drive Condo are all located in the OCR.

The CCR and the RCR together make up the Central Region, which is one of five planning regions that make up the whole nation.



Outside Central Region (OCR)

The final region is the OCR, also referred to as the non central or off central region. This unsurprisingly is made up of all the other parts of Singapore that are not in the Central Region. This consists of 33 areas, or more simply the:

East Planning Region
North East Planning Region
North Planning Region
West Planning Region

Some examples of developments in the OCR include new launch condos such as Parc Botannia and Le Quest.