The first BTO units are ready to be launched for sale in the new Park District

After a year that started mostly with bad news and uncertainties generated by the recent events, we are more than glad to announce that a batch of BTO units is ready for launch in the soon-to-be-famous Park District. When will this happen? Those interested in finding a home in the Park District should know that these units will be out for sale this month. The launch is within the Parc Residences @ Tengah project and it will provide the very first 1,040 built-to-order residential units in this area. Known as the “forest town”, the Park District is a gorgeous green area, an oasis of peace and relaxation for all those looking to get away from the busy sectors of the city.

The announcement of this launch was made on the 10th of August, by the Housing Board. There will be only 5 districts in Singapore that will get to enjoy BTO launches and the Park District is the third that will have such a privilege. When all the flats scheduled to be built in the Park district will be completed, there will be a total of 7,200 new units waiting for owners in this part of the town. The district is located next to a beautiful rainforest walk, which spans over 1.5 kilometers, and covers a variety of residential units’ projects. So, if you dream about living in a green and calm area, Tengah may be just the place for you.


The transformation of Tengah was first announced in 2016. Since then, the HDB planned its development, launching a number of 7,000 BTO units in this area, through 6 different projects. When the development plan for Tengah will reach its maturity, the area will accommodate the impressive number of 42,000 brand new residences. There is an important mention to be made about the town center of Tengah. This area will be the very first “car-free” town center in Singapore. Plus, it will make a whole with the nearby Central Park, providing residents a relaxing oasis with fresh air and the perfect atmosphere to unwind and recharge their energy supplies.


How will people get in and out of the area if no cars will be allowed? An ingenious idea of making roads beneath the center of the city will maintain a good flow of the traffic while allowing residents to enjoy a clean environment on a daily basis. Of course, as you can tell, the absence of cars in the town center will make room for bicycles, which means the opportunity to enjoy leisure time in a pleasant and healthy manner. And because we are talking about a full development plan, the area will feature commercial spaces, restaurants and eateries, a sports center, and MRT station, making sure the people living here will have everything they need for a convenient and comfortable life.


As the HDB said in a public statement, these units are a “new generation of public housing”. The aim is to improve the degree of wellness enjoyed by the residents and promote a better state of health by making nature a part of everyday life. So, in other words, we can’t wait for this launch to happen and see how this district will be shaped in the future. Without a doubt, it will become a welcome breath of fresh air for anyone looking to slow down a bit and enjoy life more.



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