Some housing precincts may be getting less carpark spaces


News broke in that a new residential system found right near the Kallang River may be one of the best places for those that want to get a unique parking space. Named Kampong Bugis, this will be a 17 ha area that will offer an open, unique way to get access to green spaces and establish a new community around this type of idea. At this current time, the reality is that most estates have a single parking space per unit.


The idea here is to offer a unique new concept that focuses on a car-less society. Cars are bad for the environment and the best thing we can do is to make sure that we avoid using them way too much. The car less approach is actually one of the best out there, because once you have a better connectivity, more people will choose public transport.


This is an issue that many countries have right now, the fact that a lack of car spaces is becoming increasingly annoying and problematic. But it can be solved with the right set of ideas and tools. Granted, it can take quite a lot of time to do something like this, but it will surely be worth it.

Adding 3 new precincts that are walkable is a very good idea. The focus is on removing the overall space needed for cars so people can walk. Not only will such a thing help people stay healthy, but it will bring in front some really interesting, nifty ideas that people will like quite a lot in the long term. The aforementioned Kampong Bugis is designed to bring around 400 private residential units. If it will be a success, this will surely start a new trend on the market.


And yes, having such a thing is definitely good for the society and the environment as well. It really goes to show that as long as you have the right set of commitments and focus, nothing will be impossible. You just have to handle all of these things with the right approach and it will help a lot.


A lack of vegetation is surely a problem, and many cities have to deal with it, which is rather sad. But the true benefit here is that people will have more green areas and the results as a whole will certainly impress everyone in a very short amount of time.


How much time will this take to become the norm for other cities? Probably quite a lot, but moving to a car less society and finding new methods of transportation is indeed the future. If we decide to opt for such a future, then nothing will be able to stand in our way. But we have to be focused and fully committed to eliminating any trouble and potential problems. While it won’t be easy, it can be done and the fact that Singapore strives to do this will surely influence other cities in the world as well!


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