Smoke alarms – A must at every home starting from June

Starting from the next June, the updated Fire Codes released highlighted that all the newly built houses including all the boarding, apartments and private residences should make provisions for smoke detectors and fire alarms. These smoke alarms come in different qualities and levels and a basic smoke alarm costs between 60 to 80 dollars where an additional cost of close to 50 dollars will have to be borne for installation.


The costs associated with fixing these alarms will have to be borne by the buyers. However, the lower-income families, the needy households or the elderly who are in need of financial support will be looked into by the SCDF which is also known as Singapore Civil Defense Force.


The devices will be mostly battery powered and they will alarm the households and the users of smoke or possible fires. The senses will detect the smoke and will function indecently to alert the occupants. However, they are not connected to the central emergency services and the central alarming system of the area which is an identified weakness in case the occupants are not there on the premises when the alarm starts ringing.


At the moment, fire or smoke alarms are compulsory for commercial and industrial or/ and mixed-use buildings that meet a certain size or square feet. The household interiors are currently exempted from mandatory smoke alarms. The change was not sudden but it was as a result of heavy planning and research work that happened over the last few years.


According to the president of the Fire Safety Managers, Mr. Benedict Yong, the authority has been encouraging the households the use of the fire alarms as well as fire extinguishers. However, the outcome was low that led in the mandate implementation. This will also ensure that the fire-related standards are improved with related to the community.


According to the reports, serious injuries and deaths have been recorded due to smoke inhalation that mostly occurred during the fires. Few other countries like Australia have made the fire alarms compulsory for all the new and the renovated buildings and residences.


Smoke alarms should be installed ideally in every room but not only the kitchen. Kitchen fire alarms may trigger by smoke caused by cooking. However, the rules only smoke only one fire alarm compulsory per house or building. This is mainly due to the costs associated if alarms are to be installed in every room. The households or the users have the option of installing, any amount they prefer based on their purchasing power where one alarm is made compulsory.


The alarms will notify the users on the possible fires and will contribute in saving human lives that are immeasurable. Install a fire alarm today and ensure the safety of the users, the children and your family. The cost of the lives lost is immeasurable when compared to the little one time cost of installation. Save lives from fire!


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