Singapore’s Most Popular Interior Designs


The outside of your home is something that few of us can change, but when it comes to the interior, that is where we can give free rein to our creativity and personality. Though fashions and styles change all the time, there are a handful of interior design themes that are always popular in Singapore. Here we look at what those styles are, what defines each style, and how to go about recreating them in your home.


Modern Home
Modern Home


This timeless style is typically characterised by clean lines and neutral colours such as whites and greys, blacks and browns. It tends to feature polished metals especially stainless steel, glass, plastic as well as wood and leather. Most condominium showrooms feature a modern style as its uncluttered and classy look imparts an easy, stylish appearance to the property.


A potential downside is that they can be on the expensive side due to the nature of the furniture and fittings. Additionally, there is always the danger if it isn’t done correctly, or without some imagination, your home could just end up looking like a hotel room, so for that reason it is always good to add some of your own personal touches to a modern design.




Most people don’t realise but vintage actually refers to a specific period, namely the 1940’s. Interiors decorated in vintage fashion exude a luxurious elegance that are often missing in other styles. They use a lot of fabrics and tend to favour soft colours in general with one or two bolder ones, used sparingly for maximum impact. One of the delights of decorating in this style is the process of finding the furniture and other pieces, be it from antique shops, flea markets or estate sales. If you are going down the vintage route, you should be careful not to fill the space with too many items and risk cluttering or over adorning.




This refers to the style specific to the 1960’s and so, often features bright colours, and quirky designs. It is one of the most loosely defined of the styles, and allows the home owner to be very creative, by simply injecting the room with their own personality, albeit in a 60’s flavour. Rugs, and mosaics are popular, and you can get as psychedelic as you dare in your choice of patterns and colours.




This style is becoming more and more popular, not just in restaurants and bars, but also in homes, where, if done properly, can give a very sophisticated, yet functional appeal to your property. Though it may have the appearance of being unfinished, with its rough surfaces, exposed pipes and brickwork, it is actually one of the harder looks to achieve, and also one of the most expensive. The look can be softened with the use of wood accents, and large plants in striking pots also look good in industrial design homes. One word of warning, the style uses a lot of cement screed, which can be susceptible to hairline cracks as a result of Singapore’s climate.



One of the most popular interior styles in Singapore – so it is up to you whether you see that as an advantage or a disadvantage – Scandinavian design is one of simple, understated functionality. It is characterised by clean, open spaces, muted, neutral tones, with the minimum of adornments.


Two of the big advantages of this type of style are that it can be achieved on a relatively small budget, and it also works well in small rooms and homes.






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