Singapore is on the 27th spot when it comes to retirement security

According to the Global Retirement Index, it seems that Singapore is now on the 27th place, which is one place better than the last year. There are multiple factors to take into consideration when creating this type of index. The quality of life, material wellbeing, health and finances in retirement have a lot to say in this regard.


Norway is known for being one of the best countries in this regard. Then you have Iceland and Switzerland which are known for offering great retirement security. But these are European countries. When you go towards Asia, you will see that things tend to shift a bit.


Singapore’s government and the focus on retirement benefits are some of the things that did bring in front some really good results. It’s safe to say that the results are getting better and better, which is a crucial thing to take into consideration in this regard. The overall set of benefits provided here is pretty good, but there are some other places to improve. For example, the environmental factors indicators are very good.

However, improvements need to be made on the health expenditure side for example. There are also some other improvements required in other important areas, not to mention that income equality is still an issue at this particular time. But it is well worth it, and it only goes to show that the value can be outstanding in the end. The for income equality has to be on par with the other criteria, but even so, things are pretty good and they will only get better as a whole. Hopefully the outcome will become better and better in the end, which is something we all want.


Whether that will become a reality or not it’s hard to say. But the income per capita are very high here, so the overall value is pretty good and it can only get better in the end. The way we approach all of this is going to be worth it, since Singapore does have the technology and other features needed to take everything to the next level. It will be worth it for sure, and that’s what you want to adopt at this point.


Singapore does have the chance to get some even good results if the income equality is solved. If that happens, Singapore will definitely be in the top 5 for this list!



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