Several condominiums projects got an unhoped lift from the future Cross Island MRT line

Effective transportation and meeting the demand for homes on the market are two of Singapore’s main concerns. Constant improvements are brought in these sectors so that the residents of this country can enjoy a better and more satisfying life. Connectivity between the island’s various districts is extremely important, as many people prefer living away from busy commercial centers. Considering that the MRT lines are among the most popular, the Cross Island MRT line that will soon be made is definitely going to change everybody’s life. What is more important is that several Singapore condominium projects will be unexpectedly lifted by this line. We are talking about those that will have the stations of this MRT line in their area of development.


The Garden Residences and Affinity at Serangoon are two of the development that sensed the changes brought by the official announcement of the Cross Island MRT line. These two condo projects were started right after the government announced the cooling measures. But ever since the project of the MRT line was made public, the two development projects enjoyed an increase in interest from home buyers. But, according to the statements made by Mr. Eugene Lim, who is the Oxley Holdings sales and marketing director, the company developing Affinity at Serangoon, seven days after the announcement of the line was made, 45 units were purchased. The average price for a square foot of these units was around $1,475. To these, the company added almost 30 more units sold over the weekend alone. It is worth mentioning that the project will provide a total number of 650 units, of which 360 units were already sold.


The same Mr. Lim said that they used to do 5 to 8 units per weekend before the MRT project saw the daylight. So, the construction of the line is a very important factor for this project. If there was no MRT line in the area, now the future residents of this condominium will enjoy the Serangoon North MRT station, which will be just 5 minutes away, on foot, from the condominium. The truth is that the availability of a station in the suburbs areas is indeed a big plus for developers. They can expert bigger sale prices once the stations are completed.


Garden Residences, the other condo project that will provide 613 units, also enjoyed an increase in the selling of its units once the Cross Island MRT line was announced. Out of the 156 units launched in December, about half of them are already sold, according to the statements of the company’s spokesman. But, when will the line be ready? The first stage of this project is expected to be completed in 2029 and will have a total of 12 stations. These stations will cover the distance between Changi and Sin Ming, having 4 interstations.


The new line that will cross the island will be beneficial for everybody. Developers will sell their units easier and even at better prices while new residents will enjoy convenient transportation options. So, we can expect to see numerous positive impacts of this project in numerous areas in the future.