Residential development at Balmoral Rd up for En Bloc

 More and more collective sales are on the market right now, and this is a marvelous thing. The 11 Balmoral Rd up for collective sale for $75m asking price unit seems to be quite impressive now, since all owners for this freehold development with 17 units are ok with the sale.


Apparently, the owners are asking for $75 million in total. Apparently, the asking price is around $1761 for square feet, which is pretty good considering the location of this development as a whole.


The development charge payable seems to be in the region of $10 million or so, but this is subject to confirmation as there’s no real confirmation from the authorities at this time. The first collective sale took place many years ago, and right now it seems that the collective sales are pretty much on fire. Which is a good thing, as they offer some amazing new ways for people to get some good results from this type of properties.

The property is going to sell very well for sure, because there’s a very good potential here to create large locations and some rather impressive places for you to explore. A thing to note here is that the location offers a wonderful freehold site, so there’s a huge potential when it comes to attracting a lot of developers in the region.


This property also has dual frontages as well as a side road. So, the development is pretty impressive and it does have a lot of potential that comes with it. The way people will use this potential remains to be seen, but there are certainly some great options and ideas that everyone should consider giving it a shot.


That’s why developers are bound to like this new development, because it’s one of a kind and very distinct. It’s one of those unique developments that really shine, and the results that you can get from something like this are more than ok in the end.


As a whole, the 11 Balmoral Rd up sale is bound to be a very important one, and the asking price for such a collective sale is not the highest one out there. It really goes to show that there are some great features to be had in here, and that’s the reason why investing adequately can really make the difference.


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