New Tengah to go through some tech upgrades


A couple of days back, the Singaporean government signed two agreements with companies that promise a technologically upgraded future. The signing of agreements took place at the World Cities Summit at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre.


The New Tengah town is expecting a new energy management system that is a centralized cooling system. This project is being handled by The Housing Board (HDB) along with the SP Group. On the other hand, the town is being given a makeover in terms of integrated buildings alongside an open digital platform. This part of the update is the responsibility of the JTC Cooperation in cohesion with the ST Engineering department.

As of now, HDB and SP group are conducting a study that focuses on their expected upgrades. They are looking into the scope and potential of the project under the spotlight. HDB is also intending to make Tengah among the first ever Smart Energy Towns. This will need a load of new technology, specifically assistance from artificial intelligence (AI) devices. They are looking into the circumstances thoroughly to examine when and how many flats can access the centralized cooling system as soon as possible.


The AI aspect of the project needs a lot of research to be a guaranteed success. The project is being called the Smart Energy Concierge. It will be highly dependent on smart control, lots of sensors, and some highly technical algorithms. The main energy grid will be connected with an energy storage system as well as with solar photovoltaic generators. This system will be able to identify all the areas where energy is being wasted or areas where energy can be utilized more efficiently. As the SP Group said, all these systems will need to coordinate in order to prove intelligent enough to save energy efficiently.


Other than this project, HDB has also signed two other agreements. The first agreement is regarding a floating solar system to be developed for use in the coastal marine conditions. This agreement is signed with the ISO Landscape since they are a well-reputed landscaping firm. The other agreement is signed with Robin Village Development. This project is a research on the 3D concrete printing. It will prove useful for HDB to expand their design and construction aptitudes.


These projects are being seen as a light of hope. Even the Minister for National Development, Mr. Lawrence Wong, showed his optimism by saying that he has high hopes for the future of the town due to these agreements.


As for the integrated buildings project, it is expected to show results by 2023. JTC and ST Engineering plan on opening the first open digital platform in Punggol. Not only will this project manage buildings, it will also assist with waste management and the cooling system. This system will be easily accessible to every resident. Direct feedback will help the system improve itself. Even traffic lights will be automated to improve the traffic flow. This will be done by assistance from traffic video analysts.


This initiative is the first step. If it proves successful, it can be implemented in other areas such as the Jurong Innovation district.

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