New GLS lands released by URA

Recently, the URA showcased a release for some of the latest residential sites on sale. There’s a new site (The Essence) at the Chong Kuo road which has around 4282 square meters, and there’s also one of around 5722 square meters too, which is on the Cuscaden Road.


Having 2 major establishments like this for sale is amazing. The latter one is now available for application under the reserve list. The tender will most likely be triggered when there’s a developer submission that’s acceptable.


Residential site at Cuscaden Road
Residential site at Cuscaden Road


Residential site at Chong Kuo Road
Residential site at Chong Kuo Road

The Orchard Road parcel can offer around 100 apartments and the building height is up to 100 meters maximum. It really is a tremendous, unique experience to have so many great sales and the reality is that both of these residential sites will be a rather easy sell. That being said, you can expect this to be a wonderful and very distinct place where people could find their own home.


It seems that 2 more sites will actually be available until the end of this year, so it’s safe to say that more and more developers will want to get involved into this initiative. It’s definitely going to help the region a lot, because new developments are always bringing in things like economic growth and other stellar benefits.


Adding in the right developments to a region is tricky, and selecting the best developers for the job is even trickier. But it can be done for sure, and it’s one of the things which can make a whole lot of a difference for sure. But then again, that’s what really makes the experience worth it, and hopefully we will see some new developments on this sector.


The fact that the government has ramped up supply for the development sites is very nice. Sure, there’s a smaller stock of unsolved homes right now, but the release of new establishments like this is really interesting and downright impressive. It definitely shows how amazing it is to invest in this type of property. And yes, thankfully, the investments are becoming better and better at this particular time.


That’s the reason why the URA has quite a lot of residential sites on the reserve list, and we can expect even more to appear rather soon. It all comes down to the way they will harness all of these great features, but there’s a lot of value to be had with this approach. And yes, we are bound to see more developments like these rather soon!


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