More farms and rooftop gardens soon be found residential developments


Singapore has recently announced they will be launching city farms and rooftop gardens to add a natural,  eco-friendly environment to the area.


During a landscape designing event, the second minister of national development made the announcement.  He went on to say that this landscaping project has a goal to reintroduce natural surroundings that were destroyed with the over-development of high rises.  This project will bring back needed greenery landscaping that will enhance the city’s environment.


This project was first introduced to the city in 2009 encouraging developers to turn buildings and areas into eco-friendly environments and in turn get bonuses and exemptions for their efforts.  It was pointed out that this project could open up more spaces for green, lush, natural community areas.


Some Singapore Condos now have green walls that control temperatures and this concept is becoming extremely popular around the city.  Another positive outcome of the program will allow people to take up farming and gardening close to their homes including directly on their rooftops.  Developers are quickly discovering by turning rooftops into gardens, everyone will win.


One developer pointed out that by using an eco-friendly approach will attract residential buyers to purchase their properties.  People, in general, want nature closer to their city dwellings and this program seems to be just what residents and developers are looking for.


A scheme will be implemented to determine how much greenery will be brought into the project.  They will need to determine just how much nature will be appropriate and appealing.  Developers will have the opportunity to decide the level of greenery needed for the areas given to them for their projects.

The city is ramping up their efforts to increase the number of natural, green areas across Singapore by 2030.  At the present time, they have many high rises across the entire country that equals more than 100 football fields.


On another positive note, studies have shown that areas around Singapore that have roof gardens are attracting more butterflies and birds which is approximately 18% of the entire butterfly and bird population on the island.


Further studies over the past two years have indicated that these areas are attracting rare birds and butterflies.  This is the highest number of rare birds and butterflies recorded to date.  Therefore, through careful planning, city rooftop gardens will have a positive impact on wildlife.  These buildings will aide in the conservation of natural habitats which is what they are looking to achieve.


During the landscaping event, a list of developers were honored for their eco-friendly efforts and some were awarded the Skyrise Greenery Award.


Singapore, developers, and local residents have something very positive to look forward to.  The lion city will be transformed into an eco-friendly environment that will allow people to get back to nature while protecting the wildlife that exists in this region. This is a very positive project that everyone is looking forward to.


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