MAS to bring in a different approach to the Sing Dollar exchange range

At this particular time, the Singapore dollar is mostly flattened when it comes to the overall value. But as you can imagine, things may end up changing in 2018, as the MAS is expected to bring in a different approach to the exchange range. It’s also said that they may even tighten the policy. For now, the neutral stance worked great, but it may be a bit more aggressive starting with next year.
In case the MAS inflation is picking up, then the overall monetary policy has to be changed as fast as possible. The electronics manufacturing is boosting the local economy, among others. And even if the growth will decelerate, the experience will be bringing in a lot of external factors that go over and over.

It’s safe to say that the Asian world is undergoing some massive challenges and changes at this time. That’s why we can expect the Singapore dollar rate to change quite significantly. It may definitely eat up a lot of time, but in the long turn this will surely be rather worth it.
The interest rates may become higher next year. But you shouldn’t expect a respite, that’s still ways off and many other challenges may arise until that time. However, it appears that the market watches expect some things, such as the USFR’s interest rate hike and the corporate tax reform. These are bound to have their own sets of challenges.


You may encounter a Fed rate hike at the end of this year. But the focus will be on shifting the market onwards and there may even be a dovish hike. Apparently, it’s said that the Singapore dollar will make some gains in order to counter any incoming inflation rise that may end up appearing rather soon. With so many tax hikes this can end up happening. Lowering the import costs can bring in a good solution to this, but it also leads to new challenges too.


It’s important to note that some major challenges are still not in the cads at this time. Even if there’s a decline or increase, they may not be that major, instead we expect them to be rather small. Whether this will follow the expected path or not, that’s really hard to say. But we are bound to expect some really major twists from the market in the near future!


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