Launch of the New HDB Resale Portal

In Singapore, purchasing a public housing flat requires one to login to the HDB portal and submit their purchases online. Through the HDB portal, purchasers and sellers are then being allocated the first and second appointments at the HDB to complete the buying and selling procedure.  Recently, HDB launched its new technology of transformation that has revolutionized the marketing procedures.

Hence, either you are up to buying a flat or selling it, this new marketing procedure will help you a lot.


On Monday, the 1st of January, a new portal was launched that is controlled by a team of enthusiastic staff which provides an incredible customer care service. This marketing procedure has benefited the clients by saving their precious time as the appointment that were required with the HDB officers have been cut down from two to one. Thus, saving the precious time of both buyers and sellers, this portal is approached and used by most of the people now.


For minimizing the time of each transaction down to eight weeks instead of sixteen, the HDB arranged a system in which the buyers and the sellers head to have simultaneous appointments with HDB which were in actual two appointments. Now, the HDB gathers all the checks on a single platform.


With the implementation of the new system, resale transactions of housing flats will definitely be much smoother and easier for both buyers and sellers as the entire process is being expedited. However, it is believed that a smoother and easier procedure will most likely not affect the volumes of transaction each month. This is because, at the end of the day, the numbers of resales flats transaction in the open market is still dependent on several factors such as selling price of the flats, the demands and the market sentiment.


However, as this system requires making online payment using credit cards, hence this might be a disadvantage to users who do not owe a credit cards. Or for buyers or sellers who are not IT savvy, they might find it difficult to submit their transactions.


The HDB website has tried its best to eliminate all sorts of hurdles and have made a single portal under which all the information is present, many people still prefer to engage a real estate sales person to represent them and assist them when comes to buying and selling of their HDB. This is especially true for sellers as it is easy for them to market their house via the help of a property agent.






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