Innovative Mobile Apps For HDB Estates To Launch In 2019

There is good news for residents in Singapore. Soon there will be actually be a smart phone mobile apps that residents can make use of to secure an appointment with the financial banks, clinics or other facilities located in HDB estates. This application will also let them know when local businesses are offering specials.

It is slated to be released in beta at the beginning of 2019 but will be limited in features.  Other features are expected to be added throughout the year.


This is the first app in a projected digital system for distribution to residents so they can organize in an individual manner. It is a digital platform that will benefit people with common interests.  This is a joint venture between HDB, StarHub, and Sentient.


By collecting data for residents’ various interests including searching various neighborhoods or even community facilities so they can plan their futures in a better way.  They will be able to find answers to their questions that aid them in finding what they are looking for.


For instance, residents can search for specific facilities or shops that are more commonly looked up by others.  It will also help HDB to understand what areas are in high-demand.  With this information, they can tweak their rules for local shops.


In turn, when some other public agencies and companies also join in on board, the platform will have a great deal more data to work with. To increase the development stage, StarHub, IBM, Sentient, and IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority) had all signed an agreement with the HDB to further residents’ experiences by developing the mobile apps.


The director of StarHub believes the end results should allow residents to utilize the application to help them find services to improve their daily lives and meet their needs.  This will allow people to find different ways to connect with others in a secured and safe manner and get the services that will benefit their lives.


HDB held an event at the Toa Payoh HDB Hub to announce this new app.  The Minister of National Development (MND) launched a 5-million dollars fund, that will spread out over the coming 2 years to bolster businesses in coming up with better solutions to improve public housing.


The Cool Ideas Enterprise plan is to expand on existing programs and focus on members developing new innovative ideas to improve living in the HDB estate.  Even though the initial response has been barely positive, the expanded plan is focusing on companies that have products ready for the marketplace. In turn, these businesses are in need of funding and forming mentorships to increase growth.




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