Housing Board Residents Get Their Flats Spruced Up in Singapore!

It’s been a very good year for those who live in the HDB flats of the West Region of Singapore. Currently, as of March 2017, the government has spent 1.93 billion on Jurong West, a public housing development and residential town. The developmental town was made after the dissolution of Jurong Town and is the second largest town in terms of population within Singapore. The 1.93 billion was spent on the Home Improvement Program (HIP), with another 40 million spent on the “Enhancement for Active Seniors” (EASE) program.


The Home Improvement Plan was put in place in 2007, as a way to address maintenance problems that would crop up due to the age of the flats within the town. Issues like pipe sockets, laundry drying racks, and even broken concrete were the main concerns covered by the government as necessary essentials.  Since the creation of the Home Improvement Plan, over “101,000 flats” have been either upgraded, maintained or had maintenance done to them, with another 139,400 homes still eligible.  Once the program has run its course, it is estimated that over 300,000 flats will have been a part of the program.

In addition to the HIP program, the Enhancement for Active Seniors which was launched in July 2012, has allowed homeowners to repair and upgrade their flats. Things such as grab bars, ramps, toilet upgrades, slip-resistant tiles, and new front entrance gates, have been put in place for the elderly.


How The EASE Program Works

Essentially, households can apply directly to the Enhancement Program or they can opt in when they become eligible for the Home Improvement Program. In total, 149,000 houses opted in either indirectly or through HIP. What makes this program so great is that the government “subsidizes up to 95 percent of the cost” making it incredibly affordable for residents.


In order to qualify for the Enhancement for Active Seniors program, households must have an elderly family member of the age 65 and above or requires help with daily living activities such as dressing, feeding or bathing.


Households who have gone through the Enhancement for Active Seniors Program are extremely happy, as they’ve only had to pay 5 percent of the total cost for their flat improvements. Some have stated that they’ve received new found “confidence” to move around on their own, while others feel like they have a completely new flat and a completely new “lease on life”.


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