Expanded HDB Scheme Allow Buyers to Book Flats Immediately


Here is great news for the buyers who are looking for BTO or new HDB flats in the market; they can now book Housing Board flat right within one day after applying for one.

Note that, this opportunity is limited to the 123 flats that fall under the Re-Offer of Balanced Flats; these flats actually remained unsold during previous booking exercises.

Out of these HDB flats, there are 105 of them which are located in areas like Toh Payoh, Bukit Merah, and Ang Mo Kio. Which are all in the mature towns. Whereas the rest 18 are situated at some non-mature sites such as Jurong West and Bukit Batok.

Although some of these flats are being sold with ethnic restrictions; Chinese buyers have a selection of 26 flats in the list where are 115 and 119 units for Malay buyers and buyers such as Indians and other races respectively.

There is no big issue about size of the flat as it is revealed that coming to one half of these flats are three roo3-room flats (57 units in total) whereas 17 of the unit are the modern 3Gen HDB Flats. To qualify for the 3G flats,  a family nucleus which constitutes parents of the married children will have to be present.

The four roomers which comprises of 23 units will be the most popular choice amongst all. Other than this, buyers are also given choices of 20 Five-room flats, 2 Executive HDB flats and 3 2-room flexi units.

Note that, these flats were originally announced in the month of February; today they are a part of a newly expanded scheme of HBD and the prime idea is to make public housings more within reach to interested home buyers.

As per the newly implemented scheme launched for these flats, buyers are allowed to view the property listings via online; they can submit an application by following a few simple steps and choose their unit even by the next day. It clearly means that they can move to their flats as soon as possible.

Build to Order flats that are still available after the BTO slelection can be purchased during Re-Offer of Balance Flats exercise or during Sale of Balance Flats. You can check all updates related to these sales on HDB website.

As per recent updates, new batch of ROF flats will be available for booking two times a year; buyers can apply in the month of February and August as well. These properties are more suitable to the soon to be married couples with loads of facilities all around.