Enbloc near Holland V

FEC Properties is an indirect subsidiary of the Far East Consortium. The interesting thing about them is that they are securing a lot of properties right now, and the latest one for them is the Holland Road in District 10.

They paid around S$183.38 million, which is a lot of money. Just so you can better understand the value, we talk about 1703 Sing dollars per square foot per plot ratio. They are trying to create a high end residential development in here and they are indeed bringing in a whole bunch of great stuff to say the least.

They have also invested in Artra, which is a 400-unit new launch condo right near the Redhill MRT.
Is this a good investment? Hollandia has a very good location and honestly it does seem that they may be able to obtain a stellar ROI from this one. How much will they invest and also get out of that, maybe that’s the question. Well, they do have a six storey block with 48 apartments that was built around 20-30 years ago. So, they will have to remove that and build up something new. Not really the best option out there to be honest, but it’s safe to say that some benefit will indeed come from it and that’s the thing that matters the most in the end.

The high development baseline here seems to bring in some great vibes. The idea here is that there will be a lot of value and quality to be had, which is exactly the option that you need to take into account with something like this. The overall revenue seems to be huge here, and hopefully we will see a great set of opportunities rising up in the very near future.

The latest major transaction in the region was for 2-3 million, so this one is way higher. It’s clear that FEC Properties is set to invest quite a lot in here, but whether they will get a good ROI from their investment or not, that’s really hard to know. Yet people are still very excited at the simple idea that somewhere, somehow, they will be able to see FEC Properties create something newer and better. The region is in need of some newer developments, so that would make a whole lot of sense. So, we’ll have to wait and see if their plan goes to fruition!




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