EC prices moving slightly downward

Prices to slide slightly but not drastically

Falling EC prices
Falling EC prices ( Credits : The Straits Times)


As the private housing market has slowed down, selling prices of Executive Condominium (EC) were also affected . Prices of EC will have to be lowered in order for it to appear more attractive for homebuyers. Meanwhile, the bidding prices of Government Land Sales(GLS) Site might have fallen, but construction costs are soaring due to stricter prefabrication requirements and foreign labor constraints. Experts foresee that the selling prices of these EC projects might dropped slightly however they urge homebuyers to be more realistic and not to expect a drastic drop in the prices.







You might want to consider getting a private property now! Prices are falling and may continue to fall slightly, it is time to search for one now before the property market makes a comeback!



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