Different Kinds of Leases for the New HDB Flats

It is a renowned fact that more than 80 percent of the total population of Singapore lives in the HDB flats, and thus, the government is taking measures to make sure that the quality of the public housing is improved, and is affordable for everyone. However, according to the authentic sources,the government is thinking through different options available for the newer HDB flats that will be built in the Greater Southern Waterfront and Jurong Lake District.


Plans for different types of leases on future HDB


Like any current HDB flats that are purchased from HDB directly, they will be highly subsidised. Hence, consideration is being done on having different types of leases for this group of new public housing. The different leases might consist of different requirements over different periods of time. Whatever the kind of lease is chosen, the Minister of National Development, Mr Lawrence Wong says that he would ensure that there will be fairness between residents who manage to secure a unit there and Singapore families that fail to do so. He will also ensure that residents will also feel a sense of belonging irrespective of their backgrounds.


Improvement of Public Housing

The main focus of the government is to make certain that the public housing is reasonably priced for most of the residents of Singapore, as more than half of the population resides in the HDB flats. On the other hand, apart from the planned public housings at Greater Southern District and Jurong Lake District, the flats in new town, Tengah, will also be releasing under the Build-To-Order scheme in 2018.


To learn more about the information shared above, visit the website below, http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/different-kinds-of-leases/3036526.html



So what is this Greater Southern Waterfront and Jurong Lake District all about?

Greater Southern Waterfront

A few years back, Singapore announced the decision of consolidating all the container port activities at Tuas, which was the decision of the Economics Strategies Committee. The seaports in Pasir Panjang will be shifted and consolidated in Tuas to ensure greater efficiency. According to these plans, the prime waterfront land that is emptied will be called the Greater Southern Waterfront. The land will be used for other purposes such as building retail, commercial or residential developments.

Learn more from link here, Greater Southern Waterfront


Jurong Lakeside District

The Jurong region is zoned in the URA Master Plan as one of the four regional centres in Singapore. And it is also the only regional centre that government has planned to transform it into the second CBD of Singapore. A High Speed Railway will also be constructed in Jurong connecting travellers between Malaysia and Singapore. Click on the link below to learn more about the changes taking places in Jurong.






New Launches (Private Condo) in 2016


Lake Grande is a new launch condo that will be situated in the Jurong Lake District