Decline in hiring cost of a foreign employee

Firms usually spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on employees’ hiring. This is because they want to find the perfect match. The perfect match who is able to perform the task for what they are hiring them for. It is costly but in the long run the firm face benefits from these employees who excel and thrive for success. Hiring expats used to be expensive because according to the firm logic these people were better trained, probably due to a greater exposure and knowledge learned.


Throughout the past year, hiring expatriates has become very flexible for the firm. By this what I mean is that they are cheaper to employ. The salaries have dropped dramatically. For example a fully skilled expat manger was to receive $235545 if it was 2016 but no happens to receive $223095. The reason as to why the worth of expatriates was in decline was due to two factors. One was that they belonged to prestigious countries like Europe and US but now p pole are being employed from all over the globe, even the third world countries. Secondly, they are now being treated just like other Singaporeans. This suggests that their salaries too have to be altered if they are now the equals.

All the neighboring countries of Singapore have too faced this drop in hiring cost, however, countries like aging King once upon a time used to have high pay packages and then they too declined but since 2016 they are back on the demise again. It is totally normal to have such fluctuations. There are a number of factors that aid these fluctuations.


According to sources, Chinese born and bred employees are still very expensive and this has a little to do with the fact that China happens to be the fourth most expensive countries. The world is a very dynamic place that has experienced a massive growth in terms of human knowledge, economic growth and technological advancements. These are a few factors that are the sole criminals that have led the world into this race of finding the better. People now have more resources to be more educated and further establish their beliefs. These resources have led to people exploring their worth through which they can easily demand a good paycheck. But the two factors mentioned above too have a great impact on the salary packages designed for expatriates. Let’s just say they are all rooting for equality and this is what equality tastes like.


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