Austville Residence and hiccups faces by residents

When a person buys a new home, he or she pictures it perfect, almost dream-like. When you invest money into a brand new residential unit, these are the way things should be. But the home-owners of Austville Residence faced a big disappointment shortly after moving in into the modern executive condo. What caused their discontentment? First of all, these were defects caused by a faulty construction process all around the building, and there were amenities missing, in comparison with what the developer of this residential area promised to the people that were interested in buying a home here. A mediation process already started between the management company, which represents the voice and interests of the Austville residents, and the development companies that took care of the construction.

Due to flaws that happened during the execution processes, the structure of the condominium is failing here and there, resulting in ceilings that present water leakages and decks with warped wood floors. The developers, Greatearth Construction and Maxlee Development already started to pay for the needed repairs to take place and remediate the situation, but the problems are far from being gone. For instance, even if the leaking ceiling located in the carpark of the building was repaired, in the areas where it was considered necessary, it is still leaking even in present days. It is not hard to tell that the problem was not approached correctly and the developer tried, apparently, to spend as little money as possible on repairing the issues found at this condominium.


No one knows what the sum requested by the management company is, which is meant to cover all the damages that need to be repaired, because it does not want to make it public. One thing is for sure and that is the fact that the mediation between the managers of this residential unit and its developers is far from being over just yet. Still, a representative of Greatearth Construction spoke to the press and announced that they have been dedicated to repairing any defect, damage, and inconvenience ever since the construction of the unit has ended. Although the defect liability term expired, having only a one year span, the company continued to be there when it was needed, performing all the actions necessary that every problem is covered and remediated.


It appears that representatives of the development company also had face-to-face meetings with the home owners of Austville, as a way to address the raised issues. In their opinion, the presented issues are not connected to building defects that are considered to take place during the development process. Still, a trial will take place, as the management company filed a couple of complaints at the local court law. Until an actual term for the trial will be established, every party involved has agreed to participate at the previously mentioned mediation process, with the hope that a resolution will be found amiably.


The good thing about getting a new launch in Singapore is, whatever defects you experience upon collection of your keys, developers will make an effort to rectify the errors and eventually make good of the goods before they completely hand over the developments to the buyers. Take the Austville case as an example, even though the development has already obtained its TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit) and CSC (Certificate of Statutory Completionfor a quite a while, the developers did not shrink their responsibilities and are still trying to rectify the damages.



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