A Sunday free of traffic delights the inhabitants of three districts

What if there were no cars on the streets of your neighborhood, at least during Sunday, so you can enjoy a clean and calm atmosphere? In a world suffocated by traffic, such an idea sounded delightful for the people living in the Civic District, Bencoolen Street, and Telok Ayer. But, the inhabitants of these three districts of Central Area of Singapore will enjoy more than just a car-free Sunday, as the area will be packed with a wide diversity of fun activities for this May edition of the event.


If the other districts were used to this kind of manifestations, the Bencoolen Street will enjoy this kind of Sunday for the first time this year. The date of 28th of May does not represent just the celebration of the Car-Free Sunday, but also the completion of a number of improvements done to the street. So, for the people living here, the joy will be double. Everybody will be able to walk, jog, or ride a bike on a total distance of 6.7 kilometers, which is a rather generous area. If you visit the Civic district during this manifestation, be prepared to enjoy a broad range of activities specially picked for families to enjoy, all of them organized by the Families for Life Council. And, in the Telok Ayer Conservation Area, the public will be able to enjoy the Xinyao Breakfast Concert, which will take place between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. and will feature a number of appreciated artists.


  • Enjoy the Bencoolen Street in a brand new way

For the Car-Free Sunday SG edition this year, in May, the route on the Bencoolen Street was added, to make the celebration even more exciting. So, feel free to discover this street in a brand new manner, through cycling, walking, or jogging. The street was improved and made to look more presentable, not only for this particular event, but for the continuous enjoyment of the people living here. Besides the activities that were previously mentioned, if you visit the Bencoolen Street during the event you will have the chance to taste a variety of delicious snacks, try your creativity in various crafts, and take home the handmade products that capture your attention.


  • Families will have a blast in the Civic District

The Families for Life Council brings into the attention of the public the Families for Life Celebrations 2017, which means a significant number of fun activities chosen for the enjoyment of the entire family. The main mission of this celebration is also to make families spend more quality time together, with the help of exceptional activities. There is something to do here for every type of family. Starting with the possibility to enjoy a delicious picnic with organic produces, to art and culture activities, outdoor activities and sports, and displays of decorative arts, furniture, and fashion, there isn’t any chance to get bored during this special Sunday in this district.


  • Sing and enjoy great music in the Telok Ayer Conservation Area

Do you enjoy Chinese folk-pop music? Then you’d better head to the Telok Ayer Conservation Area in the morning of the Car-Free Sunday SG and enjoy the concert, plus the flea market and F&B stalls that are organized in the same area. Also, all the cafes here will be open starting with 8 a.m., just in case yoy are in the mood for a great cup of coffee.

To avoid traffic jams and wasted time, it is highly recommended to use public transportation to the areas of the event. Besides the 28th of May, the inhabitants of Singapore will be able to enjoy other Car-Free Sundays on the 30th of July and 29th of October. You will be able to find all the details concerning the activities of the coming events in a timely manner.





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