A pilot project that will permit flexible utilizing of industrial spaces

In the past time, the demand for a more flexible utilization of industrial land made the authorities in charge with such regulations to think about making some changes. Thus, the Urban Redevelopment Authority or URA, together with JTC will make sure of a new set of guidelines for land use, with the occasion of a multi-tenant building development, managed by JTC. Located on the Woodlands North Coast, this new project may open the door for some welcome changes.


Besides the manufacturing operations, this pilot project will provide support in the case of various manufacturing companies that will provide a number of services, which include after-sale support and R&D. The project gives companies the opportunity to keep an eye on their off-shored activities, while keeping the activities with a higher important at the location. Also, the Business 1 component, which is also the zone rating of the pilot project, will acquire a broader range of utilizations, which also uses that are related with the industrial sector, in order to provide essential support in the area. As an example, activities on engineering and industrial design, which normally are not allowed in the case of an industrial development, will be permitted in the Woodlands North Coast.


The previously mentioned exceptions are the only ones accepted in this particular area, as the rest that are usually not allowed, like non-industrial and clean-cut commercial activities, will remain this way. To better understand the new changes, do note that various commercial uses of the space, such as property consultancy, accountancy, and insurance companies, and agencies for travel and maid services, will not receive any support in the Business 1 sector. But, in case uses like these are proposed, they will have to fit in the white component of the pilot project.


Having in mind that land use in Singapore faces a number of constraints, the Government utilized zoning when it came to land use, to protect industrial activities. But, as time passes by, structures built with business purposes need new regulations that are adapted to the way society evolved. Many manufacturing companies make significant changes in their business model, passing from production-led models to activities that are driven by services. Or they are developing new branches than span over the production chain, such as prototyping, after-sales services, and others. Thus, they provide more than just manufacturing services, striving to remain competitive on an ever-changing market.


Because of these aspects, the land policies concerning industrial uses were constantly updated by URA. Back in 1990s, the Business Park zone was added by URA, as a way to help manufacturing businesses that unrolled other types of activities to integrate better. A decade later, URA made even further adjustments, introducing media guidelines and e-business, which continued to be improved until 2014. These two were developed out of the need to serve business activities that were media related or were in the IT domain. Between 2001 and 2003, Business-White and Business Park-White were also introduced, which were meant to entwine industrial activities with commercial ones. Thus, the guidelines existent in present days allow companies to carry on a broader range of functions, which can include production, warehouse, technology uses, like autonomous robots and analytics, and so on.


This particular pilot project was triggered by the need to provide changes that will help the industry adapt to the new conditions. The way the market will receive this project and the produced feedback will be closely supervised by the government, which will also unroll studies to see where this project is applicable. Also, the policies for land use will continue to be revised, especially when it comes to industrial areas, in order to maintain their relevance. The revisions will have to take into consideration any existent trends in the manufacturing domain, the requirements coming from industrialist, and the trends that may emerge in other relevant sectors.



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