TUAS West Extension(TWE) Project a Blessing for Workers


In order to help the people reach their destination quickly, the government has built some of the best means of transportation and TUAS West Extension project is one of them. It is going to be inaugurated on 18th June 2017. The TWE will be extended from the east-west line and starting from the already present Joo Koon station it will meet four other newly developed stations including:

  • Tuas Crescent
  • Gul Circle
  • Tuas Link
  • Tuas West Road


It has been expected that TUAS West Extension will improve the connectivity within the Tuas area and people will find it easy to reach their destination through the MRT station. It has been developed to meet the requirements of 100,000 of commuters.



Some of the amazing features that you will come across in the TUAS West Extension are:

  • Most of the passengers will get a chance to save their time and money because their journey will be about 25 to 30 minutes shortened.
  • The station is only a short stroll away from the major areas of the East-West Line
  • Most of the people will find it easy to travel through the new MRT station to their office and so they will be free from the company shuttle bus
  • The 7.5 km rail segment will take you towards the industrial heart of the Tuas. So it is a blessing for many workings that were unable to afford others means of transportation.
  • In order to expand connectivity two new bus services, 247 and 248 will be launched will link to TUAS West Extension.


The construction of TUAS West Extension was started in 2012 and it was expected that the station would be opened for public at the end of 2016. Unfortunately, it was delayed because the latest signaling system required time to be tested. It is the most advanced system that is not available in any other MRT station.


Most of the workers had to travel through the bus service and it was mostly crowded. Most of them had to wait for the next bus that wasted their 30 to 45 minutes. Apart from that, there are many lorries on the road that were the cause of traffic jam. However, with the TUAS West Extension, the problem of traffic jam will be resolved.


The TUAS West Extension will be perfect for the working women. Now they can quickly pick their children from the daycare and reach their home on time for dinner. It is a nightmare for the private bus service providers because they have to change their route and most of them are going to end their service.


Now people will not have to worry about getting a taxi before 5 pm because after that their services are closed for Tuas area. They can easily enjoy the car-free ride. Soon pedestrian walkways will be constructed to enhance the easy access of people to the TUAS West Extension MRT station.




Now that Singapore is being so well connected by our public transport system, it is not hard to find Singapore condo that is within few hundred metres away from the MRT station. Below are some of the new launch condo that are within walking distance to the MRT station




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