80,000 Singaporeans set to receive construction technology training until 2025


According to the BCA, they are set to train 80,000 Singaporeans until 2025 in order to make sure that the latest construction technologies are used in a proper and affordable manner. Apparently, in the past few years there was a dwindling interest from the younger Singaporeans when it comes to this industry. However, the focus here is on offering a lot more training and better pay for the locals.


Instead of dealing with people from outside the country that deliver a lower quality of work, opting for a better quality delivered in your own country is definitely a very good idea. That being said, the market conditions are quite demanding to be honest, and that’s why making sure that you harness them in a good manner can be a very good idea.


While it can be taxing for the economy in the beginning, adding 80,000 Singaporeans to the construction technology workforce is certainly for the better. It really goes to show that including things like this is set to work a lot in the end, and it will surely offer you a tremendous quality for the local constructions. Right now, there are still some issues to be dealt with, so removing those in a proper manner is a priority and a pivotal one for sure.


Using new technologies like PPVC for example has managed to turn the tide of construction and engineering in Singapore. The constructions are created pretty much like giant LEGOs, with each new piece being put in order to deliver a tremendous quality and value all the time.


And by investing in manpower, there will be less work incidents, faster completion times and a cleaner construction site as well. These are things that the local government wants to implement and the BCA is certainly going to provide that sort of idea for sure. It’s a delightful and distinct approach for you to have, but at the same time it will end up bringing in tremendous quality and value in the near future for the people that want to join this approach.


Apparently, this means that Singapore doesn’t want to get more foreign workers. That doesn’t mean the current workers would be fired. The focus here is on keeping the same level of quality and value, all while making sure that the results would be a whole lot better in the end. There are lots of foreign workers with work permits here, so making sure that locals get to have this sort of feature is very important.


You have to keep in mind that adding 80,000 Singaporeans to the industry will be a huge step, but hopefully this will be backed up with a large budget and younger people would eventually see the value and quality that is set to be delivered here. For now, we can only hope that the results will be good and this implementation will have some great results. It all sounds very well, and a focus on local professionals is always important to be had!






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