2 Public Projects and 5 BTO Projects Delayed as Contractor Goes Bust


Recent reports reveal that two public projects and five upcoming Built to Order projects are on hold for an indefinite time as the main contractor behind these projects goes bust.

This situation is going to affect more than 2900 home buyers associated with these BTO-projects, including Marsiling Grove in Woodlands, Senja Ridges in Bukit Panjang, Senga Heights, and Sky Vista @ Bukit Batok. The fifth project on the list is located opposite West Coast Park and is known as West Coast Parkview. This one is recognized as a replacement site under Selective En Bloc Development Scheme for residents living in Block 513 to Block 520 on the West Coast Road.

Other than this, two public projects affected by this delay are Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium, handled by National Environment Agency and Land Transport Authority’s Gali Batu bus depot.

The HDB professionals recently conveyed to the home buyers that the two main contractors: Greatearth Construction and Greatearth Corporation, have run due to ongoing financial difficulties; therefore, the project will be delayed for some time. Although the professional didn’t give an idea about the possible length of delay, they promised to keep home buyers updated regarding the construction schedules as soon as possible.

It is important to mention that Greatearth told HDB professionals last week that they are not able to complete the five BTO projects even after getting assistance from the Government. They also tried to resolve the challenges of the contractor via advance payments, but Greatearth was not in a position to continue operations, added HDB professionals.

Therefore, HDB has now decided to explore other options to complete the respective projects where all works are currently stopped. They are also trying to establish contact with contingency contractors to secure the sites and carry out mosquito control, housekeeping, and other relevant tasks as required.

As per the prior announcements, the Senja Ridges site in Bukit Panjang was expected to complete by the fourth quarter of 2021; however, the 552-unit housing block at Senja Heights was expected to come into operation by the first quarter of 2022.

Other than this, the 257-unit site, Sky Vista @ Bukit Batok, was proposed to be completed by the third quarter of 2022, whereas the Marsiling Grove, 1246-unit construction, in Woodlands was about to finish by the fourth quarter of the coming year. One remaining project, West Coast Parkview, containing 697 units, was expected to complete by the second quarter of the year 2023.

The Mandai crematorium complex was originally set for the end of 2022, and the completion timeline of the Gali Batu bus depot was still under discussion.

There is no doubt to say that these delays may affect the lives of home buyers, but HDB has committed to making best efforts to minimize the extent of delays while promising that quality and safety of development will not be affected at any cost.

It is expected that HDB will soon bring new contractors to handle these projects, and they will be completed soon.



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