1/3 of all the new HDB flats are going to be prefabricated starting with 2019


According to the latest news, it seems that most of the new HDB flats that will be created in Singapore will be prefabricated as a whole. There are some reasons why the construction professionals are opting for this system. First, it’s designed to shorten the construction time. Not only that, but the overall costs are lowered too, and that is extremely important. Rooms will be created in factories and they will be assembled on site. They will even come with their own finishes.


Bathrooms will also be prefabricated in order to streamline the project. The construction time for such a project is around 3 years. The idea here is that contractors need to be familiar with the PPVC construction system.

Companies that offer these services know that this can cut a lot of costs and corners. On top of that, the PPVC rooms are going to bring in front a much better productivity, with the floor area completed per day using traditional methods being rather small. That being said, when you install the PPVC rooms, you get to have a boost in productivity of around 10%.


This percentage does add up, and it’s said to actually improve the total productivity with around 25% up to 2020. This is an ambitious thing for sure, but it goes to show that outstanding results can and will appear, as long as you track and target everything with great success.


And yes, this can work very well if it’s done properly. HBD can create a four room flat in 182 days, whereas a regular crew can do that in 205 days. You do get almost 30 days there, which can be used on another project. This can bring in a great sense of efficiency and one of the most interesting results that you can obtain out there.


HBD also takes into account the flat attributes, location, design features and market condition. And yes, they don’t really have any major impact on the overall costs, if any. This is actually a very good system that, used properly, will be able to generate a lot of value for the customers and construction companies too.


Quality is great and the HDB officials state that it will only get better. The construction system was piloted this year, and it was received with a lot of praise and success. That is going to become a trend for sure, because nothing is more appealing than just getting such outstanding results and improving the overall construction times.



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