Wages to go up by 2.7% next year

The inflation levels are predicted to reach around 1.3% next year, and the workers are bound to get a salary increase of around 2.7%. While it may not seem a lot for plenty of people, this still shows the tremendous approach and unique set of features that you can expect in here. The thing to keep in mind is that the last year’s survey was bringing in some better expectations, but it seems that the inflation levels are a bit higher than the 1.1% they anticipated.

Still, 2.7% is an increase and people definitely want to have some better salaries. It really goes to show that there’s a lot of stuff to be had when it comes to the economy. It seems that the salaries increase are higher when compared to Hong Kong, a rather unique situation that you just can’t seem to find anywhere else nowadays.


The takeaway from this is that the Singapore economy is very powerful and it does work very well even if the regular global economy still has to recover. But it’s great for many industries and in the end it’s just one tremendous thing for you to focus on!


On average, Asian salaries are set to increase with around 5.9%. While other countries are bringing in some massive salary increases, Singapore still has a very good salary and a tremendous set of benefits that you may want to check out. The thing to take into consideration here is that the Singapore jobs are becoming more and more powerful and they do deliver some consistent salaries.


Seeing that, you can imagine that an increase of 2.7% is still a good one and it does tend to bring in front some really nice benefits. Whether you will want to change your job or just stick to the current one, you are bound to see an increase in your paycheck next year.


While it’s unclear whether this will be the only increase for next year or not, the results are indeed astonishing. There’s a great opportunity to be had here and in the end it’s clear that people can have some tremendous results and they will definitely be happy with a salary increase like this. While it’s not the most consistent increase out there, it’s an increase and one that everyone needed and wanted. So, in the end, it’s still a major benefit!



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