What are ABC Waters?

Water is one of the elements we cannot live without. We should do our best to maintain all water surfaces around us clean, because they are the ones that fuel our planet and every life form that lives on it. The ABC Waters or Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters program, started in Singapore back in 2006 and initiated by PUB, has as main purpose to transform every type of water form in Singapore a beautiful body of water. Whether we are talking about lakes, rivers, or streams, each and every one of them is targeted by this program.


So, what if the water in Singapore will be crystal clear and safe enough for people to enjoy it for recreational purposes? This is the major intent of this particular program; one of the goals of this project is to improve the quality of water in every water surface of Singapore by treating rainwater runoff before it reaches before it even reaches the water catchment. But, besides just insuring clean water for the people in Singapore, PUB also wanted to motivate the inhabitants to keep waters clean and value Singapore’s water sources more than they did before. In fact, various learning trials are already unrolling, in order to educate the young generation about this goal, as part of the segment of this project that wishes to raise awareness and make people more responsible when it comes to water.

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